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Top 10 Vegan Protein Sources

This topic was one of the first on my list when I decided to start writing down all my knowledge about fitness. Without any exaggeration I’m sure that I get asked about vegan protein sources at least twice a day. So here I am. Instead of constantly talking about it I decided to take the time and write down my favorite protein sources once and for all. This list does not cover every single protein source but I made an attempt to categorize and write down my TOP 10. Please also be aware that the list is not in any …

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In this blog entry I’m going to explain the difference between EMS and TENS and how to use both of them correctly to achieve your fitness goals faster and saver. Beforehand I want to say that I am a great enthusiast of EMS products and I actively use them on myself and my clients. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation and originally comes from the rehabilitation sector. It is used to prevent muscle atrophy in patients who had surgery and aren’t able / allowed to move. It is a great way to have someones muscles “work out” while the patient …

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The Truth About Cupping Therapy

You have probably seen those big round bruises on people’s backs before right? Yes that’s the result of cupping therapy. When I first heard about it or saw it on an athlete on television I started digging deeper to find out what it is all about. Let’s start with the explanation of the therapy. “Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts suction cups on your skin.” Cups can be made out of different material such as glass, bamboo or silicone. My physiotherapist works with glass cups with a suction device on top and …

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