Your New Favorite Chest Workout!

This workout routine is a shocker and you can easily fall in love with it. Don’t overdo it though and only use it to switch up an old routine and to make that muscle grow! Watch the video in it’s entirety and please make sure to warm up !!! Enjoy!

My Quarantine Routine

I’ve been in quarantine for over 10 days now and I haven’t seen a gym from the inside at all. I personally don’t see that as a problem but rather as an opportunity to change up my workout routine and especially my goals. Keep reading to find out what my …

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QUADZILLA Workout Routine

Starting on February 2nd I will dive into my classic routine which means I’ll incorporate a bunch of compound movements / exercises into my workout routine. I’ve explained in the last live-stream and article why I didn’t like the HST program, so if you’re wondering why please go ahead and …

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01/13/2020 – HST Week 4

LAST WEEK OF HST   Although I’m only half way through the program I have to stop it. I was struggling with the decision to change up my program because I don’t like leaving unfinished things on the table if you know what I mean. The issue that I’m facing …

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12/30/2019 – HST Week 2

I finished the first week of HST and I really enjoyed working the new system. I am not used to only doing two sets per muscle group which was strange in the beginning since the massive pump was not happening. Instead of the pump, my heart beat was elevated through …

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12/23/2019 – HST Week 1

It is really hard to start a brand new fitness routine over the holidays especially when it’s high volume training that takes up a lot of your time. Family gatherings, lots of delicious meals, parties and cozy nights are all temptations that you have to fight over the Christmas holidays. …

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