It’s been a strange time with us being held captive in our own 4 walls. Gyms were closed and we weren’t allowed to go outside without protection / face masks. Our workouts have changed drastically, at least for a few of us. I’m one of them who had to adjust quite drastically. From lifting heavy weights on a daily basis to bodyweight exercises only and lots of cardio. It definitely helped me create a passion for cardio again which was long overdue but this post is not about that.


This post is about getting creative in unfamiliar situations. For this workout I chose to stay “inside” and use my surroundings as a workout equipment. The staircase was my number one choice since absolutely NO ONE uses it ever unless the elevators are out of order. I started on the very top and walked all the way down as a “warmup” followed by the climb to the top again. It’s a very challenging workout depending on your pacing but you’ll for sure get into your head. Make sure to stay focused on the goal and take one step after another until you’ve accomplished your goal.


This workout took me 15:50 minutes and according to my apple health watch i burned over 250 calories. Besides burning 250 calories I additionally got my heart rate up to 170 at one point which over the last 2 weeks has helped me get my resting heartbeat back to 46bpm. I personally see and especially feel the positive impact daily cardio has on my mental and physical health. I highly encourage you to make time to get at least 15min of cardio on a daily basis!


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