We are all stuck in our homes which makes it hard for some people to find the motivation to do a workout. I totally understand and I agree it’s not always easy to get focused while being in the comfort of your home. The couch is only a feet away, the TV is in sight, the delicious dessert is waiting for you in the fridge and NOW you should work out? Pffff. Ok let’s make this a bit easier for you.



Let’s start with workouts that are mainly designed to get you active rather than shredded with 3% body fat. I personally think that the health aspect, with us being stuck in quarantine is way more important than looking shredded. Mind you, I’m not judging anybody if their goal is still to work on their aesthetics. Ok let’s dive right into the exercises that will keep your mind and body healthy during quarantine.


The Air-Squat is a squat without any additional weight. In my opinion it is one of the most important exercises to stay healthy during quarantine. But WHY Johannes? It’s simple. The squat is a compound movement which activates a lot of muscles you’re currently NOT using at all. We sit or lay on the couch for most of the day and our quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves are deteriorating day by day. By doing AIRSQUATS you activate all the mentioned muscles and increase the blood flow in your legs. AIRSQUATS strengthen your lower body, increase balance and engage your core! Keep squatting for a healthier YOU!




Jumping Jacks are a fantastic way to get some cardio in. Make sure to wear shoes while doing them to avoid slipping. The great thing about this exercise is that you don’t need a lot of space to perform it. Some space in the kitchen, living room, in front of your bed will suffice to get a great cardio session in. Set a number and start jumping! I promise you you’ll feel great after doing a couple hundred each day.




The classic PUSH UP is a fantastic exercise to work on your entire upper body. A misconception is that it only works your chest and it’s bad for women to do PUSH UPS. I couldn’t disagree more. The PUSH UP actives your core at a very high level which is important if you want to maintain a healthy body. Additionally it activates your shoulders, triceps and the serratus anterior. What is a SERRATUS ANTERIOR Johannes?! It allows the forward rotation of the arm which is an essential movement which all of us repeatedly do each day (example: reaching for a glass of water).




Now this is a bit more tricky because you’ll need either a pull up bar or a backpack that’s filled with books to create resistance. With PULL UPS and ROWS you’ll engage your back muscles to keep a correct posture. Now with us being at home I find myself a lot of times on the computer with my shoulders rotated forward which stretches my back and leaves me with an incorrect posture which could lead to pain in the long run. To counteract this bad behavior I make sure to perform ROWS or do PULL UPS each day.




These are my top 4 exercises you should do at home to stay healthy during the quarantine. There are way more exercises out there and for an experienced fitness junkie these exercises might seem easy but there’s always a combination which will combine them to a killer workout. For beginners I’d suggest doing 20 repetitions per exercises and if you do pull ups perform as many as you can for a total of 4 sets / rounds. If you feel that you can do more of any exercises don’t hesitate to increase the rep count to make it harder for yourself.



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