"I've been a martial artist for a long time so I'm experienced with fitness routines. But when it comes to bodybuilding, techniques and strategies to gain muscle mass there's no one better than Johannes"
"Without Johannes's motivation and guidance my transformation would have not been possible. Thank you for continuously motivating me to push harder each day!"
"I live what I preach and I've done it all. I gained weight, I lost weight, I reduced my body fat percentage to sub 10% and gained strength to lift weights +200% of my body weight. All of my programs have been tested by myself to ensure you'll see results. All you have to do is follow the guidance and I promise you, you'll get your dream physique!"
"I'm so happy to live in this time! Body By Bartl is helping other people transform their bodies and motivate them to live a healthier life. Johannes is the whole reason I even got into fitness. Because of Body By Bartl I know how to train each muscle and that nutrition is the key to a good physique."
"Big thank you to Johannes for providing a perfect toolset to get into shape and stay in shape"
"Coming into the fitness game late in the 4th, BODYBYBARTL came in clutch! I couldn’t be happier with how well the workouts have changed not only my body, but my life as well. I look and feel stronger, I’ve never been happier, and still and will continue to use BODYBYBARTLS motivational expertise and easy to follow guides!"

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